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Making a virtual appointment is now easier than ever!
Make a virtual appointment HERE!
You can still be a part of Market even if you aren't here in person; meet us virtually!
We have trained staff ready to walk you through lines, showcase bestsellers, and answer all your questions.

Making a virtual appointment is easy!


1. Click HERE to schedule your virtual appointment (yes, you can schedule one during Market)!

2. A link will be sent to you via email upon approval.

3. Have questions ready to ask about particular lines you prefer seeing.

For example:

  • What have their bestsellers been during Market?
  • What are their minimum & opening orders?
  • Where do they ship from?
  • What payment methods do they accept?

4. When it's appointment time, be near your computer or cellular device & click the provided link to connect with a Link Staff Member!

5. Our staff member will act as your virtual tour guide and provide expertise on the lines you want to see.

They will: walk you through your preferred lines, showcase certain products, answer any questions you have, and place orders for you.

Do not hesitate to communicate with them during your virtual appointment. We want you to have the same experience as if you were here in person!

It's that simple!

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