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It's a Red, White, and Blue Summer with The Link Companies! Show off your dedication to the USA by crossmerchandising red, white, and blue products, designing USA-themed displays, and creating unique patriotic sales promotions. 

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Although cross-merchandising red, white, and blue is a given, it's essential to convey a patriotic theme this summer! 

Whether it's allocating a section dedicated to patriotic colors or creating an exciting storefront window display, make your store stand out.



1. It doesn't just have to be red, white, and blue:

  • Bring in common summer themes such as backyard barbeques, bursting fireworks, and summery outfits. For instance, you might bring a few mannequins to the front of your store to set the stage for hamburger grill out. 

2. Pick a Product & Relate it to Patriotism/Summer Themes

*Click each brand name to be redirected to categorized product files. 

  • Inis
    • Pick a product like Inis and relate it to the summer season; Inis supports ocean conservation, reminding customers of the beach! Customers prefer products that stand for something more compared to those that don't. Plus, smell fresh this summer with Inis' ocean-fresh unisex cologne.
  • Periwinkle & Couture Tees
    • Show off your patriotic flare with jewelry from Periwinkle and apparel from Couture Tees. Their products will have customers flocking to your shelves this summer season, especially since they embrace everything USA!
  • The Little Blue House
    • Keep it outdoorsy and embrace summer traditions with the Little Blue House. Stay cozy during, camping, fishing, golf trips, and more!

3. Made in America

  • Create a store display composed of your most popular merchandise that happens to be made in the U.S. Armed with the information that you’re selling domestic products, shoppers are inclined to purchase them.


Stand out with unique summer sales! Since its a Red, White, and Blue Summer... make them patriotic, too!


1. Have customers pull from a bucket and pull out a 'star' (felt, paper, etc.): each colored star (red, white, or blue) has a discount! *Only if a customer's purchase contains more than one item

  • Red Star: 5% off *Lowest priced item
  • White Star: 10% off *Lowest priced item
  • Blue Star: 15% off *Lowest priced item

2. Promote Patriotism thru Web/Social Media

  • If your store doesn't have a social media or website, now is the time to start.
    • Almost 40 percent of users are following their favorite brands on social media.
  • Promote patriotism/patriotic sales with product giveaways to your followers.
    • Select a follower at random (or one who engages with your account often) and offer them a '"freebie" or special discount to show your appreciation. 
  • Keep customers up-to-date with sales throughout the summer via social media; the more you engage with your followers, the more they engage with you.

3. Treat Veterans/Military to a Discount!

  • Customers appreciate treating our armed forces. Whether it's during the summer season or throughout the year, offer military discounts/specials at checkout. Advertise this throughout your store so customers notice. 
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