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You've probably heard this from us before, but we can't say it enough: ORDER AHEAD OF TIME!

Retailers often make the mistake of over-preparing for the holiday season and under-preparing for the transitional period between winter and spring. 

Here are some tips to stay ahead of the curve:

Why Pre-book?

Vendors use the term pre-booking to describe the process of booking orders for goods, well in advance of their intended ship dates. The term helps vendors to differentiate between those orders that are needed immediately, and those orders that are intended to fill future needs. Spring pre-booking is the best option to prepare for a great first quarter! 

As a retailer, it’s incredibly important to pre-book: this puts you first in line for the “what’s new” shipment. It’s always important to be the leader of new in your area.

Manufacturers base much of their production quantities on their pre-book amounts. Pre-booking helps manufacturers understand what products you like and assures that you will have inventory to buy through the season.

Pre-booking = The Best Promotions

As customers, if you pre-book early you receive the best deals and promotions available.

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By pre-booking, you allow vendors to better plan their inventory and to be in a position to have adequate stock available to fill your reorder needs during the season. Therefore, pre-booking is mutually beneficial to ALL!

Pre-booking Can Avoid Shipping Crises

Amid today's shipping challenges, you must forecast your store's needs early on. Inventory may not always be available if you wait! As mentioned above, if you wait, you’ll only have excess or closeout inventory to choose from. It’s important to have new items in your store for seasonal and timely events.

All signs point to a strong holiday season; but never has it been more important to pre-book for both Christmas AND the following transitional season.

Vendors with Spring Pre-books:

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