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The Link experienced our biggest summer ever! We know our retailer partners are primed for a big fall. Summer was solid for most stores, especially in tourist areas, and this generally translates well for fall consumer buying habits. Customers spent the summer traveling and are now back into daily routines and shopping local. Consumer confidence remains very high, and retail indicators point to a very good third and fourth quarter. So, are you ready?

Make sure your shelves are stocked with the latest fall trending product and that you have plenty of items on hand for “gatherings.” Why? Because fall is the time of year when people seem to gather the most! With the weather changing and so many planned events, this is prime time for shopping! School is starting, and consumers tend to stay close to home and not travel as much in this period. So, take advantage of your community! Are there festivals in your town? Is high school football kind of a big deal? Are there colleges close by with thriving fan bases? Have displays catered to your regional flair and the local sports fans. Even if you aren’t selling school-specific items, offer product in school colors! Showcase what is important to your town.

Coco+CarmenMyra, and Top It Off will keep you stocked in scarves, sweaters, gloves, ponchos, and the most popular styles of handbags. We have plenty of items for entertaining from Magnolia LaneMerritt USASouthern SistersHighland Home, and more! Whether you’re at the game or having guests over for the game, The Link has you covered!

Our team is here to help you succeed! Please let your rep know how we can help you with products, display ideas, promotions, in-store events, or anything to help drive sales.

Sit back with a hot latte and let us help with your work - Happy fall, y’all!!

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