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October Apparel show is coming up, and it’s the last chance to stock your store for Fall! What should you be looking for? Today we will get a taste of the latest Apparel trends for Fall so you can road map your store’s aesthetic for the coming months!

Sweaters are the absolute first thing to come out of the back of the closet as the ultimate Fall wardrobe staple. And this year, sweaters are better than ever! Chunky knits are back in the form of full length and, still, many cropped styles. Big, bold floral patterns are splashed on these knits, reminiscent of the Mod Squad, or printed dresses from the 1970’s. Clothing manufacturers are NOT shying away from color; bright greens, yellows, and pinks are the go-to colors for sweaters.

Are you noticing a pattern? We are - on clothing, that is! Geometric patterns came out to play at the April Apparel show and were photographed on everything from pants to dresses and tops. Harry Styles pairs patterns together in many of his looks, and the rest of the fashion world, of course, took notice. Paisleys, zigzags, geometrics, florals, and plaids are making heads turn.

The showier the better for current fashion. Whether it’s showing some skin in crop tops or sheer fabrics, or wearing crazy faux fur outerwear to work, daring to wear the latest looks is all about making a bold statement. Sequins and shiny fabrics adorned nearly every model at the Apparel Mart’s most recent fashion show (which took place outdoors during August Apparel). The popularity of shows like Bridgerton has actually bled through to fashion and many models are seen wearing corsets as tops. Unlike their Victorian era inspiration, the modern corset can be worn over shirts for a more relaxed, yet certainly bold look.

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Fringe and Western wear are trending styles. Think “Dolly Parton;” cowboy boots in all sorts of fun colors, jackets and even tshirts with fringed bottoms, gawdy sequins and plaids. This style statement includes something we learned about years ago that is still surging in apparel – “shackets!” These button-down shirt/jacket combos are featured in nearly every collection this Fall. The certainly work well with cowboy boots!

And last, we must talk about outerwear. Denim jackets have gotten bulkier while the tops worn underneath are smaller and cropped. And, contrary to the laid back feel of shackets, the blazer is another popular piece of outerwear. Worn open with a simple tank underneath, blazers are coming in hot pink, lemon lime, and even bright patterns.

This Fall, Fashion is all about taking it to the next level. Up your game, be bold and spicy with your color choices, and don’t forget that shiny is always better.

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