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Working with Your Rep

At the Link Companies, our Territory Managers, or “road reps,” as you may know them, drive from store to store, dodging local and highway traffic, plowing through dicey weather, all to visit you at your place of business. Their success depends on how well you sell the products they bring into your store. After all, they want to make all that road weariness worth it at the end of the day!


As they do all this driving and visiting, they learn exactly what’s selling in the stores throughout your region. They see that the color green is everywhere this fall, and loungewear is still trending strong. They know which handbags are hot and which hot sauces are hotter! Since they do so much traveling, they bring a wealth of earned road knowledge to you and help inform your sales decisions.


Think of your rep as a liaison: someone to consult with as an expert in the industry, rather than just a salesperson with samples and catalogs. A smart rep will steer you away from items that they know are not proven sellers and drive you toward brands that consistently ship and perform so that you don’t miss out on sales.


So, hop in, and let our savvy road reps take you along for the ride to SUCCESS!

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