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Christmas shopping season is officially upon us, whether you want it to be or not! Halloween is about a week away and all the savvy shoppers are already checking people off their lists. The last-minute people are about to come out in droves to your store, and you want to be prepared!

One of the most challenging demographics to buy for is the adult male. What in the world do they want? What do they want that they haven’t already bought for themselves? Luckily, The Link is proud to work with some standout vendors that have hearty supplies of men’s gift items for any time of year! Here are some ideas from several of our vendors that have thought seriously about the previously mentioned men’s gifting dilemmas.


If you’re like me and you enjoy an ice-cold beer or are the kind of person who will not drink water unless it contains ice, then Frost Buddy is for you. Most of us have seen the standard can cooler that you can get from any big box store. And most of us have had the unfortunate experience of trying to fit our favorite beverage into the can cooler with zero success. Do not let this sad situation get in the way of your beverage enjoyment comfort level. Frost Buddy has the Universal Can Cooler that keeps all sizes of cans and bottles cold for hours – even unusual European sizes! So, grab your favorite Belgian beer and keep the cold moisture off your hands and in your mouth with Frost Buddy.


Everyone knows that tech gifts are popular for guys. However, your store might not be equipped to sell complicated items that require a lot of explanation or high-priced electronics. What works much better are the “gifts, gadgets, and gear for guys” that Mad Man sells! Some of the most popular items are the waterproof playing cards, the Fisherman’s Friend multi tool, and the rechargeable USB Arc spark lighter. These are items anyone would love! The best part about Mad Man gift items are their packaging; most products come in easy point of purchase displays. So, get your order in, open the box, and pop them on the counter – they’ll sell!



Speaking of beer drinkers, Duke Cannon has a Big Ass Brick of Soap that smells like beer. The product is actually called the Big Ass Brick of Soap. As if that’s not eye-catching enough for your customers, the quality and beefiness of the soap backs up the name. Whatever you do, do not drop one of these on your foot in the shower! Aside from the ultra-masculine soaps, Duke sells solid cologne, shampoo, “offensively large” lip balms, and even a product called “Bloody Knuckles” to make men chuckle as they moisturize. Rooted in military history, Duke Cannon proudly donates a portion of all proceeds to veterans causes and proudly makes their products in the USA. Make a hard-working man smile – give him Duke Cannon.