With leaves just starting to drop from tree branches, and temperatures finally beginning to dip, it’s difficult to think about ordering for next Spring. After all, it is technically still summer! But, anyone with a little time in this industry knows that it is time to jump on Spring Prebook opportunities before they fade away with the summer sun! 


This week, we sat down for a chat with VP of Sales, Josh Campbell, to discuss the importance of Spring Prebooking.  


Q: What is Spring Prebook and when does it happen? 

A: Spring Prebook is right now. The timing for spring orders differs with each vendor, but prebook usually starts right after the July show and goes through November…sometimes even until January. 


Q: What is the point of Prebooking for Spring? Why not just wait until the big January Gift Show to do Spring orders? 

A: From the vendors’ side, they are trying to get an idea on product they need to preorder from overseas so they can deliver at a higher percentage. On the retailers’ side, this is a time when vendors are putting out promotions for people to book early – dating, freight incentives, or both. Prebook is the time for the retailer to take advantage of getting specials or incentives that the vendors or doing so they can make more margin. It’s really better for the customers to know they have much higher chances of getting the products they order. When you order ASAP, things are really picked through. 


Q: Josh, what would you say to the customer who says, “I would really rather wait.” 

A: Take advantage of the specials NOW because the same specials probably won’t be this good at the show. They are always better during prebook. Stores can always add any new products that debut at the show to their existing order. Most vendors are pretty lenient on adding new stuff to the prebook shipment.  


Q: What is the best way for our retailers to take advantage of and find out about Spring Prebook specials? 

A: To get the most up to date info, go to your local sales rep. They know what’s being pre-booked in their territory; you cannot tell from the catalog. They see where trends are going. If you’re not taking advantage of prebooks and the amount of product you are ordering from the vendor warrants you taking advantage of specials, you are really just missing out on incentives you should be getting anyway. It’s best to base your new order on your current order history. Take a look at what you ordered before – do not miss out.  


Q: Any final take home points? 

A: Doing a prebook gets you to the front of the line, so your product is picked and packed. You can expect to get it when the ship date says. There may be hundreds, if not the thousands of prebook orders the vendors have to get to first. That’s how a lot of companies ship their orders – first in, first out. 


There you have it! Take Josh’s suggestions and prebook your Spring deliveries TODAY and get major incentives like free freight, dating on orders, and the overall comfort of knowing your order is done and in the queue!