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Sunny Greetings from California

We are thrilled to introduce two innovative eyewear brands, Blue Gem Sunglasses + Accessories and Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear to The Link Fam.

Blue Gem has been catering to individuals since 1982 who seek to make a fashion statement with their eyewear at an affordable price. From classic retro-inspired frames to polarized sunglasses, their collection offers a diverse array of styles to suit all ages and eyewear needs. There are four different retail display options, two floors, and two counters, to meet the needs and budget of every retail location!

Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear began in 2009 to repurpose and recycle plastics and metals for beautifully designed eyewear to last a lifetime. The commitment to making the Earth better goes beyond eyewear through a series of initiatives in their Give Back Program:

  • Trees for Life – A life-giving tree is planted for every pair of Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear sunglasses sold.

  • Eyewear Donations – For every pair sold, donate a pair of eyewear to a person in need.

  • Random Acts of Kindness – The team volunteers in the local community every month, donating time, effort, and resources to various causes.

Blue Planet offers 3 different display packages, that can be mixed with blue light, readers, or sunglasses!

To celebrate the launch, we’ve got two great specials for you to take advantage of! View current specials here.

PRO TIP: These lines can be combined when ordering to meet minimums.

Embrace the opportunity to showcase these brands in your store, contact your area rep today or shop on our online marketplace anytime!


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