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Trend Alert: Cowgirl Fashion

Updated: May 24, 2023

Let’s go girls! Cowgirl fashion, with a bit of finesse, is trending—from concerts to TikTok, and even fashion shows.

Ashley Alderson, Founder and CEO of The Boutique Hub, has been vocal on this trend: "The beauty of this trend is its roots. There is such an allure in cowboy culture. Its freedom and earthy nature are rooted in who we are in America especially, so I think we all want to believe we can live a little bit more like cowboys. This trend helps us to do that."

While the list of essentials for this look varies, we’ve assembled some great products you can find here at The Link Companies to stock your store.

Cowgirl Boots

The first absolute essential is, of course, cowgirl boots! A solid pair of leather boots are trans-seasonal and incredibly versatile; wear cowgirl boots with denim, skirts, dresses, or leggings. Even if your wardrobe is less boho or Western and more urban chic, you can work them in to suit your style. The right fit will make them a comfortable daily option to boot! Find a nice neutral pair and avoid bright colors to prevent them from looking too “costumey.”

Try a pair like the Saibarina boots from Myra Bag.

Light Knit Sweater

Light sweaters are essential year-round, whether for cool evenings or overly air-conditioned venues.

Neutral colors, like this Eva Taupe Sweater with Hood from Coco + Carmen, can complement any look.

Light Dresses

Light dresses of a longer length are ideal for warmer, humid weather. They can really be anything from a swimsuit cover-up to a dinner outfit.

The Amarie Gauze Button Front dress from Coco + Carmen, in black and coral, would be a great length to wear during the day and into the evening.

Tank Tops

Layering pieces are always needed, and they should be comfy!

The bamboo tank tops from MeMoi can quickly become a closet staple, they’re sustainable, moisture-wicking, and softer with every wash.

Midi/Maxi Jean Skirts

Skirts of a longer length are always easier to wear because, let’s face it, it’s much easier to move around while wearing one! The nineties are making a comeback, and thus, denim skirts are trending.

Try something like the Ceruacant skirt from Myra Bag to bring this trend to life.

Trucker Hat/Baseball Cap

For those days when hair styling isn’t in the cards, having a go-to hat is key.

Katydid has a full catalog just for their offering of headwear that you can curate for your customers.

Staple Belt

Just like every cowboy needs a horse, every cowgirl needs a belt. The best way to style with a belt is to keep it simple. The belt does not need to be the focal point of the outfit, rather it brings all the elements together and acts as a subtle detail.

Our best brand for leather and hairon belts is Myra Bag. Try the brand-new Vandal belt.

To learn more about these items contact your area rep!

Find your rep here or call our customer service line at 800.877.5465(LINK).

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