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Things I Learned at Market: Part Two

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

January’s Atlanta Market is always anticipated to be a busy time for Christmas shopping, and there was no deviation from that trend this Market. Whether it was reordering customer favorites or finding new best sellers.

Before we dive in...

PRO TIP: If you haven't already, NOW is the time for your Christmas Pre-Book. This puts you first in line for the “what’s new” shipment. It’s always important to be the leader of new in your area. Check out a previous blog with more details on pre-booking!


Everyone loves ornaments and around The Link we’ve got plenty to choose from.

Our friends at Old World Christmas had some delicious top sellers including Pickle, Sweet Pickle, Corn Dog, Jar of Peanut Butter, and Ranch Dressing.

Beacon Design’s namedrop selection was attractive to buyers, with over 100 different designs to choose from, each beautifully handcrafted in the United States by a team of talented artisans. A must-have for any tourist destination.

Over at Magnolia Lane, buyers stocked up on ornaments around major life events like, Mr. & Mrs. and Baby’s 1st. And we can’t forget about the collegiate series, with University of Georgia finding two ornaments in their top 10 sold, go Dawgs!


Get your customers ready for holiday parties and into the festive mood with a complete offering of holiday jewelry from Periwinkle. Holiday programs come with a free display too!

Trade Cie had a record-breaking Market this January, with a majority coming from their artisanal Christmas collections—and more specifically their gold-leafed nativity pieces. If you’re looking for hundreds of on-trend and price competitive pieces, check out Trade Cie’s Christmas cataloghere.


We can’t talk about Holiday without mentioning RAZ Imports, and their Moving Flame flameless candles are always a big hit. Available in various sizes, styles, and colors you can find what you’re looking for.

Customers can make it smell like Christmas baking is happening each day of the season with Candle Warmers Frosted Sugar Cookie or Buttered Maple Bourbon, two top choices from their home accent collection.


Park Designs, had several hits with buyers at this Market, including their Polar Bears and Rustic Christmas collections. There really is a style for every home, so look through their holiday catalog to see it all.

Looking to serve a crowd? Buyers loved the NEW Christmas Platter adorned with Santa and Snowman from Gift Essentials. Coordinating dip bowls available too!

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