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Secure Your Spring and Summer 2024 Inventory Now

As a retailer, you understand that staying ahead in the industry is all about planning and staying ahead of the curve. Prebooking, or Early Buy, is a strategy that smart retailers have been using for years, and there are several reasons why it's an essential part of your business plan:

  • Priority Access: Priority access to the newest collections means you'll have the latest styles on your shelves before your competitors, giving you a significant advantage in attracting early-bird shoppers.

  • Guaranteed Availability: Spring and summer collections often come with high demand. By ordering now, you secure the quantity and sizes you need, ensuring you won't run out of popular items during peak shopping seasons.

  • Budget Planning: Pre-booking allows you to plan your budget more effectively and usually save by taking advantage of limited-time promotions! You'll also know in advance how much you're spending on inventory, helping you manage your finances and cash flow more efficiently.

Syndey Kearns, National Sales Manager for Regal Art & Gift, reinforces these reasons by sharing this with us: “We are so excited about this year's Early Buy as Regal has taken a number of measures to ensure that our retailers are provided with the best pricing, best promotions and best introductions for Spring '24!”

Get Your Orders In

Here are current Link vendors, separated by buying category, offering pre-booking! Flip through their catalogs and take advantage of limited-time specials.



COMING SOON: Katydid will release their prebook offering in November!



Valentine's Day Warmies Details (Prebook Ends 10/6)


Remember, the early bird gets the worm – or in this case, the most sought-after product of 2024!


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