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Things I Learned at Market: Part One

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

It may be winter, but it was HOT in The Link showrooms throughout January’s Atlanta Market! There was a lot to learn from vendors and retailers alike on the showroom floor and I’m here to bring you a first-hand recap.


Hydration is the new candle, and our vendors carrying this category saw overflowing showrooms.

Well-known vendor, Katydid introduced a new category for spring pre-orders to their highly successful apparel and accessories offering—Tumblers. The style resembles that of trending Stanley tumblers, holding 40oz and still fitting in a cup holder. Offered in twelve on-trend colors and designs; Atlanta buyers favored the solid colors Mint Green, Hot Pink, and Orchid.

We can’t talk about hydration without mentioning FrostBuddy. From its inception, they found quick success, raising its one-size-fits-all Universal Buddy to viral status. With a couple of Markets under their belt, they’re comfortable in the B2B space and retailers are investing in stocked displays. Talk to your rep about a display and ask about the new product soft-launched at Market, the To Go Buddy, designed for to-go drink cups.


There were a couple of products that produced a lot of hallway conversation at this Market.

Warmies new axolotl, an amphibian with a recent rise in popularity thanks to the game Minecraft, made a big splash at this Market as the top SKU amongst their 100+ collection! Don’t worry, sloth, golden dog, and calico cat, were not far behind. All Warmies contain real dried French Lavender, as well as all-natural grain filling to provide the perfect sensory experience. Excitement ensued during VIP Day at Market as we got a celebrity visitor to The Southern Link showroom, Park Designs. Emmy Award Winning Actress, and now designer, Patricia Heaton paid a visit to see her new Patricia Heaton Home collection in-person at Market. Check out her everyday collections, Floral And Flitters and Geo, in the 2023 Park Designs catalog.


As fun as it is to follow new trends, you cannot ignore the products that consistently make their way to the top products purchased at Market.

Captain Rodney's Boucan Glaze is not going anywhere! Captain Rodney's original pepper glaze was the result of a happy accident in their kitchen that resulted in the taste sensation, with just the right blend of peppers and spices. On the back of the bottle, you’ll find Captain Rodney’s Cheesebake recipe which has become a tailgate staple.

Duke Cannon Supply Co has become the industry go-to for men’s grooming goods, and their Big Ass Brick of Soap continues to be a must-have. Atlanta buyers restocked on Midnight Swim and proved that Big American Bourbon is still a best seller.

Contact your area rep for more information on these products or give us a call at The Link’s Atlanta office, 800.875.5465(LINK).


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