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We Are Expanding

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Some great news to close 2022 out on, The Link Family has grown!

This past week we finalized two acquisitions: TrendsMart Sales in Ohio and Terry Moore & Associates in Colorado. These acquisitions have now expanded our footprint across the United States.

These agencies embolden our representation for our vendors while strengthening our presence for the many vendors we represent.

So, what’s new...

THE CENTRAL LINK HAS EXPANDED TrendsMart Sales is a multi-line agency based in Ohio. Four experienced salespeople and long-time industry veteran Michelle Reed, owner, are joining The Central Link team. The Central Link is experiencing tremendous growth since its inception and is immediately enhanced with these new territory managers.

But wait, there’s more...

INTRODUCING: THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN LINK Terry Moore & Associates, based in Westminster, CO is now officially The Rocky Mountain Link. The fifty-year agency has nine sales veterans that cover Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah. Donna Moore, owner of Terry Moore & Associates, joined The Link Leadership Team and the territory managers will continue under her guidance.

Both agencies were recently in Atlanta for a week-long training and celebration—confetti cannons and all!

This is also an exciting time for all Link employees, who, through the ESOP have seen their stock skyrocket.

Our team is celebrating this growth and continues to put YOUR COMPANIES' growth as our focus! We look forward to continuing to help you grow in 2023! 🥂


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